COVID-19 outbreak at an Alma day camp

COVID-19 outbreak at Alma day camp


The day camp in the city of Alma, in Lac-Saint-Jean, is struggling with a major outbreak of COVID-19.

Ten- nine of the 75 monitors have contracted the virus in the past few days, but despite everything, activities are continuing as normal for the moment.

“The children will hardly notice it”, assured the City's Communications Advisor, Claudia Madore.

The City has used its imagination to avoid the complete interruption of activities by using other City employees.

“For example, there will be fewer swimming pools because the lifeguards are with groups of children,” explained Ms. Madore. Same thing for our activities at the library. There will be fewer temporarily because the one who takes care of it has been transferred to the day camp.”

The City has also called on former employees and tightened its sanitary measures.< /p>

“We have provided tests to employees who must test themselves every morning and wearing a mask is also compulsory for them,” said Claudia Madore.

To date, no case of COVID has been reported. detected in children registered at the camp.

At Lac Pouce, located in the Laterrière sector of Saguenay, management is applying the same measures and instructions as those of last summer and those of 2020, even if no case of COVID has been listed this season.

“Reconciliations are easier because the groups intersect, but the activities are done in bubble teams”, mentioned the general manager, Laval Dionne.

At the Patro de Jonquière, no cases of COVID have been detected either since the launch of summer activities two weeks ago.

It's the status quo also in the day camps of the city of Saguenay, but the resurgence of the number of cases within the community encourages its leaders to strengthen health measures and to ass Ask the Provincial Camps Association about the proper procedures to follow in the event of an outbreak.