COVID-19 outbreak at “Big Brother Celebrities”

ÉCOVID-19 outbreak at “Big Brother Celebrity


“Big Brother Celebrities” is hit hard by an outbreak of COVID-19, the exact extent of which will be revealed in tonight's episode. 

< p>After Stéphane Fallu who entered the game a week late after contracting the virus and Eddy King who was put in isolation after the start of production, other participants have also been infected.

Noovo confirms that “new applicants have received positive tests”, but without giving the exact number.

They are “in isolation in a space set up in the house specially for confinement, they are well accompanied and are all doing well”, we detailed in a statement relayed to the QMI Agency.

It goes on to mention that “the candidates have decided to stay together during their quarantine [rather] than isolate themselves alone, outside the house. The choice of whether to stay in the house as a group or do their isolation outside the “Big Brother” family bubble is entirely up to them. The celebrities living in the house of “Big Brother” are considered, by the certified expert in health and safety at work (CNESST), as part of a family bubble, being isolated and between them since the start of filming. /p>

Five other candidates infected in “hot zone”?

You have to fall back on the od-scoop Instagram account to learn more. Five other candidates are mentioned who would have been infected, including the actor Karl Walcott, who shared his room with Sébastien Plante and Eddy King. It is not known if the latter was able to return to the game or if his quarantine continues.

These personalities contaminated by the Omicron variant are isolated in a “hot zone” in the boss' room, which is in some way so it became a clinic.

The production team is said to adhere to the “sanitary requirements” dictated by the Quebec Association of Media Production (AQPM) and the Commission for Standards, Equity, Health and Safety at Work (CNESST). ), which are based on Public Health.

“All participants are adequately vaccinated, the majority of them contracted COVID-19 before the start of filming, and had to submit to tests and a period of isolation before they enter the house”, also underlined the production.

Recall that for its part “Star Académie” delayed the presentation of its first Variety by two weeks , which kicks off the new season, after 10 cases of COVID-19 were diagnosed among aspiring Academicians.


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