COVID-19: outbreak event in Tulsa after the coming of Donald Trump

COVID-19: flambée de cas à Tulsa après le rassemblement de Donald Trump

The number of cases of COVID-19 recorded at Tulsa, in the u.s. State of Oklahoma, flew a little more than two weeks after a rally organized by Donald Trump in this city, said Wednesday the local health authorities.

While the number of cases of COVID-19 had dropped 20% between the week of 28 June and 4 July, the health department of Tulsa has over 200 new infections each day since Monday, with a peak of 266 on Wednesday.

Pressed to say if this explosion of cases was due to the gathering presidential decree of June 20, the local head of the health services, Bruce Dart, felt that it was “more than likely” that it was related to “several major events that have taken place here is a little more than two weeks.”

Several thousand supporters of the american president had attended the 20th of June at its grand return since the beginning of the pandemic.

The gathering had attracted a great deal of controversy, because many were worried about the health consequences of such a crowd, without respect of distanciations physical and notoriously averse to the wearing of the mask, the image of Donald Trump himself.

The temperature of the participants was taken at the entrance of the room and masks distributed, but the port was not mandatory. The overwhelming majority of the public had attended the gathering with their faces uncovered.

Several members of the campaign team of billionaire republican have been reported positive with the COVID-19 before and after the gathering of Tulsa, as agents of the Secret Service, the protection service of public figures.

Thousands of people had also participated the previous day in this city in the south of the country to the celebrations of “Juneteenth,” which commemorates the liberation of the last slaves in Texas in 1865. By contrast with the gathering presidential, almost all of the participants in this festival, organized in the open air, wore masks and social distancing was mandatory, had found the AFP.

Before the collect of Tulsa, the campaign team of Donald Trump had made a sign to his supporters wishing to attend the meeting a release relieving him of all responsibility in the event of contamination to the COVID-19.

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