COVID-19 : over 150 000 deaths in Latin America and the Caribbean

COVID-19 : plus de 150 000 morts dans la zone Amérique latine et Caraïbes

MONTEVIDEO, uruguay | Latin America and The Caribbean have passed through Wednesday on the threshold of the 150 000 deaths due to the COVID-19, nearly half of which have been recorded in Brazil, according to a count by the AFP effected on the basis of official figures.

The region, where 3 540 060 cases of infection with the coronavirus have been listed, is the second most bereaved by the pandemic, with 151 022 dead, behind Europe (203 793).

In Brazil, which has 212 million inhabitants, the virus has claimed the lives of at this stage to 75 366 people and affected more of 1.96 million.

Mexico, 126 million inhabitants, is the second country, the area most affected in terms of loss of life with 36 327 victims.

As in Peru, 32 million people, it has identified to date 12 417 dead, the third balance sheet is the higher of the area.

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