COVID-19: over 2000 dead in 24 hours in the United States, a first for the past three months

COVID-19: plus de 2000 morts en 24 heures aux États-Unis, une première depuis trois mois

WASHINGTON | The United States recorded over the past 24 hours more than 2000 deaths from the coronavirus, a dark sheet daily that they had not met for three months, according to the count on Thursday at 20: 30 from the Johns Hopkins university.

The country, which is facing a significant resurgence of the epidemic since the end of June, has deplored precisely 2060 dead in a day, as well as more than 58, 000 new cases detected. The last time the United States had identified more than 2000 dead in 24 hours was on may 7.

In total, the United States, where nearly 160, 000 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic, and most of 4.87 million cases (of which one-third of persons declared to be cured).

The numbers of contagious diseases are strongly increasing again from the end of June in the country, which has recorded up to more than 70 000 new cases diagnosed per day in mid-July.

The curve of the dead is also to rise, constantly exceeding 1000 dead since two weeks. The number of deaths had not exploded so far, as feared by some experts.

At the height of the containment measures, between early April and early may, the number of deaths daily exceeded regularly the 2000 dead, up to 3000 at the end of April.

The United States is by far the most affected country in the world by the pandemic, in absolute value, both in the number of deaths than cases, followed by Brazil.

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