COVID-19: overdose for six French children

COVID-19: overdose for six French children

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Rennes | Six children received a too strong dose of Pfizer vaccine on Saturday “by mistake” in a vaccination center in western France, official sources learned on Sunday. & nbsp;

That day, the departmental large-capacity vaccination center in Le Mans, opened on December 15, “activated a pediatric vaccination line” for children aged five to 11 at risk of contracting severe forms of Covid -19 and those living in the entourage of an immunocompromised person, explained in a press release the prefecture of Sarthe and the health authorities of Pays de la Loire.

Normally, the dose given for this age group is 10 micrograms of pediatric Pfizer and is increased to 30 micrograms of Pfizer Comirnaty from age 12, according to the same source.

” In the first vaccines given, six children were mistakenly given a 20 μg (microgram) dose of Pfizer Comirnaty. Noting this anomaly, in addition to the measures taken for the doses of the following vaccines, the referring physician of the vaccination center immediately contacted the families concerned to inform them and set up with them the necessary follow-up measures (…) ”, continues the press release. & nbsp;

According to the Regional Health Agency (ARS), the possible post-vaccination effects for these six children may be mainly fever and body aches.

“None of the families have until here recalled the chief doctor who had been informed of the few symptoms which had manifested themselves during the first contact (no symptoms for five children, fatigue and aches for the 6th) “, specified the prefecture and the ARS.

Prime Minister Jean Castex visited this vaccination center on Saturday, exchanging with several people who had gone there to be vaccinated. & nbsp;

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