COVID-19 : pangolin found freedom at the taste of victory in China

COVID-19 : un pangolin retrouve une liberté au goût de victoire en Chine

BEIJING | pangolin has found freedom in the east of China to the delight of environmental activists, a few days after the animal implicated in the epidemic of coronavirus has been removed from the traditional pharmacopoeia.

The young female has been back in the nature Thursday in the province of Zhejiang, escaping the fate of many of its congeners, in a country that has traditionally used its scales for medical purposes.

The animal, fell in a pool, had been discovered by a farmer who had delivered it to the police.

“It is a miracle: we have reversed the situation to the point of being able to release the pangolins”, welcomed Sophia Zhang, director of the Foundation for protection of biodiversity and green development.

“Pangolins are not able to survive in captivity, because they do not adapt to the food or their surroundings”, she explained to the AFP.

This small mammal, considered to be the animal the most poached in the world, is threatened with extinction.

Last week, the chinese administration of the Forests has granted him the highest level of protection in the country. It has also been removed from the official list of products that may be incorporated in the traditional medicine.

China has strengthened its legislation on the consumption of wild animals while the pangolin is believed to have been the intermediate host, which would have allowed the transmission of the new coronavirus in bats for the human species.

The virus has made its appearance at the end of last year on a market of Wuhan, where were sold the animals live wild.

The area of settlement of pangolin found in Africa and South-east Asia. Ms. Zhang said, ignore how many people still live in freedom in China, but guess they are very few in number.

A traditional medical practitioner has explained to the AFP that the scales of pangolin were indicated in the treatment of arthritis, ulcers, and tumors, but their virtue has never been established scientifically.

Their removal from the pharmacopeia, “will certainly have an impact on the treatment of certain diseases,” said the doctor, who introduces himself on the internet under the name Xinglin Daoren. According to him, the pangolin’s “irreplaceable”.

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