COVID-19: people suffering from chronic pain are looking for help during the second wave

COVID-19: les personnes souffrant de douleurs chroniques veulent de l’aide durant une deuxième vague

People with chronic pain have experienced the pandemic COVID-19 “very painfully” in the absence of their services using unconventional and require government intervention to ensure that this situation does not repeat itself on the occasion of the second wave.

The quebec Association for chronic pain (AQDC) is said to have received testimony overwhelming and even, in some cases, up to suicidal thoughts in the last few months. If Quebec was able to take a break, this is not the case for those individuals, who “have experienced very painfully the last few months of containment”, the organization supports.

“The pain, they do not take leave and they get worse. They are there, constantly, day and night. While it may be the relieve with physiotherapy, access to a psychologist, or simply chatting with a human face-to-face, question think about other things”, said Sunday by way of a press release Céline Charbonneau, past president of the AQDC.

“However, all this is impossible from the containment, even in the beginning of the déconfinement. Result: the mental and physical health of those suffering is in free fall,” is she sorry.

Ms. Charbonneau has therefore launched an appeal to the new minister of Health and social Services, Christian Dubé, in order to ensure continuity, even partial, of the services in the event of a second wave. This includes keeping the pain clinics that are open, as are the outpatient clinics in rehabilitation and mental health services.

In the province alone, an estimated 1.7 million people are living with chronic pain, which equates to approximately 20% of the population.


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