COVID-19: “Please make rapid tests available in Quebec”

COVID-19: & ldquo; s & rsquo; please, make quick tests available in Quebec & raquo;

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In some countries, citizens can obtain rapid tests in pharmacies or in large centers to protect themselves against COVID-19, an option that Quebec should opt according to the chief scientific advisor of Canada , Dr Mona Nemer.

“Please make these tests available at pharmacies and community centers so people can take responsibility. Give them the tools so that they can test themselves if they have any doubts and I think people should be trusted, ”says the specialist.

According to the advisor, the citizens are enough responsible for carrying out this operation at their home and reporting the result in the event of a positive test.

She adds that in Europe, getting a kit to take a rapid test for COVID-19 is easy and available to everyone .

“In England, the government gives a box of seven tests per week to every citizen for free. In France, you can buy the tests for three euros, ”explains the doctor.

But the advisor specifies that Canada has all the tools to get by with vaccination, protective equipment and rapid tests.

“Yes, we have to be vigilant, we have a new variant, but we expected to have more and it will not be the last, we will have more. Should we plan for the worst? I would say no ”, underlines Ms. Nemer.

She adds that last year, another variant was discovered in Africa, but was not able to settle in the others regions of the world due to Alpha and Delta which were more resistant.

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