COVID-19: Québec solidaire wants to save sports organizations

QUEBEC | Québec solidaire (QS) applied to the government Legault to come in aid to sports organisations severely affected by the health crisis.

Declining enrollment, refund requests, cancellation of partnerships, and the health measures to combat the COVID-19 have impacted the financial situation of sport organisations, said Saturday the mp solidarity Christine Labrie, by issuing a press release.

“If nothing is done, soccer clubs, football, or baseball could close,” warned the member for Sherbrooke, who cites the example of the soccer club Mistral, whose inscriptions have been cut in half.

The situation is critical, that is why we need action now, said Ms. Labrie for that number of organizations are struggling for their survival.

In this regard, the member of solidarity, calls on the government to improve the Program of support to the federations of québec (PSFSQ) to finance the expenses related to the implementation of measures of public health.

The political formation of the left also calls for the establishment of an emergency fund to allow organizations to cover the costs incurred that they could not cancel.


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