COVID-19: Quebecers increasingly worried about the future

COVID-19: Quebecers increasingly worried about the future

Mistrustful of the vaccine, dissatisfied with the management of the pandemic, uncertain of being able to resume their normal activities, Quebeckers are increasingly worried about the future, according to the new index of societal confidence.

The climate of trust in Quebec deteriorated by 4 points in December compared to the last calculation carried out in September, according to the Institute for Confidence in Organizations (ICO).

The study mainly focused on the perceptions of Quebecers about the various issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thus, the people questioned said they were less confident about a return to normalcy in their activities, both professionally and at family level.

The Institute also noted a sharp increase in the approval of protective measures in the face of COVID-19, in particular regarding the ban on gatherings (+10 points), the wearing of masks in public places and the social distancing (+4 points each).

And if 45% of Quebecers surveyed are in favor of gatherings during the holiday season, 73% of them recognize that this could increase the number of infections.

With respondents broadly in favor of the vaccine six months ago, only 54% say they are ready to be vaccinated, compared to 26% who are undecided and 20% who are against.

While the level of trust in governments has increased in three months, Quebeckers are less satisfied with the management of the health crisis, going from 68 to 66% for the provincial government and from 62 to 60% for the federal government.

Economically, respondents believe that conditions are deteriorating and are less confident about the financial future compared to what emerged in September.

Finally, nearly 68% of Quebecers are worried about the increase in anti-authority movements in the country.

The ICO study was carried out among more than 1,000 Quebecers between November 26 and December 3.

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