COVID-19: reluctant at first, Denmark starts to recommend wearing a mask

COVID-19: d’abord réticent, le Danemark commence à recommander le port du masque

Reluctant at first, Denmark has announced that, Thursday, recommend the wearing of masks in certain circumstances, in particular in case of suspicion of contamination to the coronavirus.

“The mask can be used to protect others in certain situations, when the other tools to prevent contamination are not sufficient,” said the deputy director of the national Agency of health (Sundhedsstyrelsen) Helene Probst, quoted in a press release.

Go to the hospital for a test account these particular situations, as well as transportation from the airport from a high-risk area and care to close contaminated.

“Our recommendation cardinale is that if you are infected or have been infected by the COVID-19, you need to isolate. When you go to the hospital to undergo a test, you can not maintain your loneliness in the meantime. Therefore, we recommend that you wear a mask in this situation”, said Ms. Probst.

Sundhedsstyrelsen, who believed until now unnecessary the wearing of masks in the public space, has changed its recommendations as a result of new advice from the world health Organization at the end of June.

The agency, however, continues to estimate that the insulation in the event of illness, observance of a distance of one meter and of the rules of hygiene and meticulous are the most effective tools in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus.

Denmark, one of the first countries in Europe to have imposed a semi-confinement, but also the first to have reopened its schools, and has repeatedly commended his management of the crisis.

It reopens, tentatively its borders since mid-June and has decided, Thursday, to allow travel to and from some regions of Sweden, bordering country that records an infection rate well above the regional average, including the border.

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