COVID-19: seniors must respect the request for confinement, says FADOQ

The FADOQ Network insists on the elderly who refuse to comply with the Quebec government’s request for confinement: the situation is serious and it must be complied with, for its own good.
S since the Legault government has asked people over the age of 70 to stay in confinement and avoid leaving the house, except when necessary, there have been reports of these people who persist in keeping their social habits, going to stores, for example.

These instructions were however given for the good of the elderly, for their health, recalled in an interview Tuesday Danis Prud’homme, director general of the FADOQ Network (Federation of the Golden Age of Quebec).

He points out that in people aged 70 and over, when a person is infected with COVID-19, 1 in 15 dies and, in people 80 and over, 1 in 7.

It is therefore important to respect the request for confinement, even if it is temporarily unpleasant. “Anything that is not essential, you shouldn’t go. We understand that it upsets everyday life. You have to stick together for a little while, ”argued Mr. Prud’homme.

He recalls that even companies now favor telework for their employees.

“If the Public Health Directorate, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health request it, that is serious. And we don’t want health services to overflow. We want to prevent scenarios as we see in Europe, prevent disasters as we see in Italy. They are asking for this to minimize the impact, ”pleads Mr. Prud’homme again.

The FADOQ Network has itself canceled all of its activities for the next 30 days, reports Mr. Prud’homme.

The FADOQ Network represents 550,000 members, with an average age of 67 years.

For its part, the Quebec Association for the Defense of the Rights of Retired and Pre-Retired Persons (AQDR) supported “without reservation” the request for confinement from the Government of Quebec.

“It is important to respect the quarantine measures and to avoid unnecessary gatherings and movements. The first step is to lighten the burden on our health care workers to reduce the spread curve and the burden on our public health infrastructure, “said Judith Gagnon, president, in a press release.

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