COVID-19: seniors should get vaccinated by the end of the summer

COVID-19: Seniors should get vaccinated as soon as they are over ;summer


Quebecers aged 60 and over and vulnerable people should receive a new dose of the vaccine against COVID-19 at the end of the summer, judges the Committee on Immunization of Quebec (CIQ) in notices issued on Monday. 

According to CIQ experts, in addition to seniors, people living with chronic illnesses, pregnant women and health care workers should also be targeted by the next vaccination campaign.

“An offer of vaccination for adults under 60 years of age and in good health could however be considered once all the priority groups have been adequately reached”, added the CIQ.

Furthermore, the CIQ has indicated that in its opinion, a person should be considered fully vaccinated if they have received the initial two doses of the vaccine, followed by a third booster dose.

“This basic vaccination allows the development of satisfactory protection against serious infections. ves to COVID-19 in the context where Omicron is the dominant variant. Subsequent doses will aim to restore immunity, which can wane over time,” explained the CIQ.

For now, Quebecers only need two doses of vaccine to be able to be considered fully vaccinated.