COVID-19: several areas of concern in Sherbrooke

COVID-19: several areas of concern in Sherbrooke

The situation remains worrying in the Borough of Fleurimont, in Sherbrooke, where the progression of COVID-19 is not fading.

As of December 8, there were 195 infected people there and the situation has hardly improved since. On Tuesday, the district had 45 new infections, and on Wednesday, 40 more cases were added.

The level of concern is equally present in the Rock Forest area, where an intermediate resource for people with cognitive problems is hit by an outbreak.

Thirty-four of the 82 users of Résidence Haut-Bois contracted the virus. About ten employees were also infected. Their colleges, which remain in place, are under heavy demand and find it difficult to cope with the task.

Unfortunately, the Red Cross does not have the resources to help them.

In desperation, managers have sent a request to St. John Ambulance, which does not rule out the possibility of sending a team of service aides there.

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