COVID-19 : several cases in the WWE

COVID-19 : plusieurs cas dans la WWE

Affected by a case of COVID-19 last week, the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) would be faced with an outbreak the who has forced to multiply the number of tests performed.

After a wrestler evolving among the young hopefuls of the federation had been tested positive, the WWE chose to delay some of the records, question of making the examinations required from all its members. However, the wrestlers and the organization’s employees have been informed over the weekend that additional cases had been confirmed. As a result, they must submit themselves to a minimally three tests, according to sites specialized Pro Wrestling Sheets and Wrestling Observe Newsletter. Some may even need to undergo the procedure up to 24 times.

Television commentator for the WWE, Rene Young has proven to be positive for the sars coronavirus a few days ago. Nevertheless, the broadcast of the programs of the organization in its development center of Orlando is not in danger.

“The WWE will continue to test its wrestlers, its workers responsible for the production and its other employees in the foreseeable future”, she stated in a communiqué that the CBS network has obtained a copy.

In April, the governor of the State of Florida, Ron DeSantis, had felt that the fight was part of the companies providing essential services, so that the WWE has been able to continue its activities.

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