COVID-19: teen Sherbrooke worried after a party

COVID-19: des ados de Sherbrooke inquiets après un party

A group of teenagers who attended a party last Saturday in Sherbrooke, and worry for their state of health after having learned that two young people reported positive COVID-19 were also present at the gathering.

The spacer social was rare, if not non-existent, during the evening that was held in a private residence. The consumption of alcohol, in particular, was not conducive to adhering to the regulations.

However, the concern is now palpable, and some of the guests have frequented the bars afterwards.

In isolation pending the outcome of its screening test, a person who has been in contact with someone who was present that evening testified of the impact that such behaviours can have.

“First, they think they are all invincible compared to the COVID, the worse it is for the world around them who pay the price,” she said under cover of the anonymity.

This person cites as an example his place of work, where his employer had to disinfect the entire space. All of his colleagues, moreover, are also segregated in the waiting of their result.

“It’s still sad, everything that is engendered by it, because of a few people who have made the party pis who have just not been paying attention. Me, honestly, I hope they will become aware of the scale that it may take for just a party“, she says.

Since a few weeks, the case of COVID-19 in young people are rising in the province. Well aware of this problem, the public Health of the Estrie region believes that it will change its communication channels to better raise awareness among this population.


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