COVID-19: the bars close now at midnight

COVID-19: les bars fermeront désormais à minuit

Quebec would announce on Thursday that it closes at midnight all the bars, which is disappointing for a number of associations.

Several sources have confirmed to the Newspaper that the government has made its decision ahead of the closing time of the bars.

Aggrieved, the Union of the tenants of the bars of Quebec (UTBQ) contests already this choice.

“The news is not good. He will order the bars to close at midnight. You can’t do that. The customers begin to arrive. We wanted to wait at the end of the week to see if the situation can be improved”, launched the business man and landholder Peter Sergakis.

The latter considers this restriction to be premature. “We just opened. There has been a neglect of some tenants, and a part of the clientele. People have been criticized and they understood.”


At the end of the week, clients infected by the COVID-19 visited the bar at the Mile Public House in Quartier DIX30, at Brossard, which was full to bursting.

In Quebec city, rue Saint-Joseph, too, was crowded last Friday night. The rules seemed to have disappeared.

Disappointed, the Corporation of the owners of bars, brasseries and taverns in Quebec (CPBBT) has responded by saying that the government has lied since the beginning of the crisis.

“It’s going to be announced until the bars close at midnight. People are going to go bankrupt. The turnover is a lot between midnight and 3 o’clock. Everyone is going to pay for some offenders,” said the CEO of the CPBBT, Renaud Poulin.

Punish the offenders

For its part, the Association of the bar of Quebec (NABQ) had advocated the common sense in the application of sanctions.

Less alarmist, the collection supports the idea of closing the bars who don’t follow the rules post-COVID, but request the assistance of the minister of the Economy.

“In the beginning of the week, all the bars had to be closed. We always trust in the department, but it’s going to be a hard day,” added Pierre Thibault, president of the NABQ.

A mandatory register of the customers might also be put in place at the entrance of the bars.

The minister of Health, Christian Dubé, had mentioned that he no longer wanted to relive a similar situation to the one experienced last weekend. The minister had even announced sanctions and closures as needed.

A meeting was scheduled yesterday to 18h between the various associations and the government. “Let’s just say it was not well done,” said Renaud Poulin.


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