COVID-19: the blood of 6500 people tested

COVID-19: le sang de 6500 personnes testé

Héma-Québec is expected to begin this week to check for the presence of antibodies in the blood of 6500 people, to have an overview of the proportion of the population that has contracted the COVID-19.

The body was tested last week, to ensure that the protocol for the antibody detection was developed.

“The idea of the study is to have a picture of the proportion of people in the population who have been exposed to the virus of the COVID-19 throughout the first wave,” says the vice-president, medical affairs and innovation at Héma-Québec, Marc Germain.

For the moment, there is no consensus as to whether the antibodies protect from a possible infection, much less how long last immunity.

As of the date of Saturday, 33-related deaths COVID-19 were added in Quebec for a total of 5408 deaths and 54 674 infections.

The study should cover 6500 Québécois in several regions, with an over-representation in the metropolitan region, where the virus has wreaked havoc.

The residue of blood needed for testing are collected at the same time as collection of blood that has been targeted. Donors are advised, before making their gifts. The collection of these samples is started from the beginning of the month and the first results are expected in early July. People whose blood contains antibodies will be interviewed by Héma-Québec, which could give an overview of the proportion of people who have had the COVID-19 without symptoms.

♦ Dr Germain recalls that in order not to bias the study, it is not necessary that people come out to donate blood with the intention to check whether they were infected or not.

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