COVID-19: the cap of 8500 deaths crossed

COVID-19: le cap des 8500 décès franchi

With 17 additional deaths recorded Thursday, Canada is now the bar of the 8500 loss of life related to the COVID-19.

Ontario (10) and Quebec (7) are the two provinces that have burdened the balance sheet of the country at 8501 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. In total, Quebec has 5448 deaths, while the neighboring province has been 2641.

In both cases, the victims are mainly people in long-term care.

Thursday, 331 new people have been infected by the new coronavirus, bringing the total to 102 573 cases in Canada.

If Quebec just to test, this is not the case in Ontario, a champion of the testing daily for a few weeks. Wednesday, 27 511 people who were able to be examined.

Québec: 55 079 if (5448 death)

Ontario: 34 205 cases (2641)

Alberta: 7825 cases (153 deaths)

British Columbia: 2849 case (171 deaths)

Nova Scotia: 1061 cases (63 deaths)

Saskatchewan: 757 cases (13 deaths)

Manitoba: 315 cases (7 deaths)

Newfoundland and Labrador: 261 cases (3 deaths)

New Brunswick: 165 cases (2 deaths)

Île-du-Prince-Édouard: 27 cases

Yukon: 11

The North-West territories: 5 cases

Canadian returnees: 13 case

Total: 102 573 case (8501 deaths)

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