COVID-19: the children are beautiful and vectors of spread?

COVID-19: les enfants sont-ils bel et bien des vecteurs de propagation?

Then that school will start in just a few weeks, the experts still do not know the extent to which children can be sources of propagation for their loved ones, as it has often been suggested.

“There are still a lot of unanswered questions. That is the biggest challenge,” said Dr. Sonja Rasmussen, a professor of pediatrics at the University of Florida, in an interview granted to the journal specialized Medical Xpress, available online.

“We need to understand the impact on the children and on the rest of the community, their parents and their grandparents,” added the scientist, who has already been linked to the CDC, the main federal agency of the United States in terms of protection of public health.

Studies suggest, without support firm conclusions at this stage, children are less likely to be infected than adults. And when they fall ill, they are much less affected physically, mild symptoms like a slight cold can affect them.

A report from Wuhan, China, where began the pandemic COVID-19 last winter, suggests that only 2% of the infections have struck the children. In the United States, other data have rather referred to between 5% and 8%, which is still relatively low.

A hospital in Wuhan was reported to have treated 171 children, most of whom have had a mild illness, even if they were suffering from the COVID-19. One died and three others were taken to the intensive care unit. On the other hand, what worries the scientists is that 12 young people showed signs of pneumonia on X-ray, no symptoms at all.

“Medical Xpress reports, based on figures from the american Academy of pediatrics, more than 200 000 children have contracted the COVID-19 in the United States, as of the date of 9 July. The country is the most affected in the world by the sanitary crisis. Experts believe that this number is underestimated, because many children were not tested because they had mild symptoms.

Saturday, according to data from the Johns Hopkins University, 3.65 million Americans have been reported positive so far, including more than 139 000 people who have lost their lives. The situation in the country Donald Trump seems out of control, as it was reported, on Saturday, more than 77,000 cases in the past 24 hours, 3,000 infections every hour.

The Centre for the control and prevention of diseases in the United States (CDC) has indicated that, to date, complications have caused the death of 228 children and 17 adolescents.

In April, a study by the CDC involving 2500 children and published the same month concluded that about 20% of children hospitalized in the United States are dead, versus 33% of adults.

“We are trying to understand who these children” who died, said Dr. Rasmussen.

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