COVID-19: the deceased beneficiary attendant died alone at home

COVID-19: the deceased beneficiary attendant died alone at home

The beneficiary attendant at CHSLD Saint-Antoine who contracted COVID-19 when he was not vaccinated died alone in his apartment in Old Quebec.

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Oscar Anibal Rodriguez, 58, died on January 2 after contracting COVID-19 while working as a beneficiary attendant at CHSLD St-Antoine. This is where the first doses of vaccine were given in Canada, but Mr. Rodriguez would not have been vaccinated, unlike other employees.

According to the information obtained, Mr. Rodriguez contracted the disease around December 24 and subsequently isolated himself in his apartment in Old Quebec.

COVID-19: the deceased beneficiary attendant died alone at home

It was here that the 58-year-old was reportedly found on the morning of January 2.

His family, who live in Argentina, are said to have been worried not to hear from Oscar Rodriguez, who gave it every day. The concern would have increased a notch on the 1er January when he hadn’t contacted anyone for the New Year.

The orderly was a computer scientist who had lost his job due to the pandemic. The latter then reoriented itself by responding to the government’s call and by accessing the accelerated training as a beneficiary attendant offered by the Fierbourg vocational training center this summer.

Shaken employees

At the CHSLD Saint-Antoine where Mr. Rodriguez worked, the employees were affected by the death of their colleague who worked at 4e floor. Few people said they knew him well, but the announcement of the death disturbed.

“Why don’t they give us our second dose of vaccine now,” said a worried Saint-Antoine PAB who preferred not to be identified. Another employee who was due to receive her second dose today said that she had received a message informing her that it was postponed.

Another 20-year-old employee who was on his second day of work said he was shocked by the news. “Inside, it’s another reality”, testified the young man.

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