COVID-19: the food aid has increased, according to Moisson Montréal

COVID-19: l'aide alimentaire a augmenté, d’après Moisson Montréal

Food aid has really increased during the crisis of the COVID-19, according to figures presented by Moisson Montreal on Tuesday.

“For the past three months, Moisson Montréal has given more than $ 29 million of food, or $ 8 million dollars worth of food more than the same period last year,” said Richard D. Daneau, director general of the agency, by issuing a press release.

In June of last year, Moisson Montréal has therefore provided its 250 accredited organizations, centres of emergency for homeless people and other Harvest in Quebec 40% more pounds of food than 12 months ago: 1.34 million pounds of food, compared to 905 000 kg in June 2019.

To meet the demand, the agency had increased its capacity by 30% since the 6 April. Its employees and volunteers, themselves, have increased their work load to provide 10% more food from the 1st of June.

Despite these increases, the accredited agencies that receive food from Moisson Montreal does not believe to be able to increase the pace to meet the needs of the population.

“At the beginning of the confinement, a lot of local organizations dedicated to food insecurity have closed, but, at the same time, new groups were born to deal with the food emergency generated by employment losses. I wonder how we’re going to do to provide the necessary quantities when the organisms regular will resume their activities,” explains Rudi Svaldi, director general of the réseau d’entraide de Verdun (REV), body accredited at Moisson Montréal.

The REV said to have had to double the quantities of the foods he gets at Moisson Montreal, in addition to adding a second day of distribution, as the demand is high.

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