COVID-19: the Grands Prix cyclistes in Quebec and Montreal cancelled

COVID-19: les Grands Prix cyclistes de Québec et Montréal annulés

Another sporting event of an international nature in quebec’s soil breaks because of the pandemic of the COVID-19. The organization of the Grands Prix cyclistes of Québec and Montréal had to resign themselves to cancel the presentation of the planned races 11 and 13 September.

“Following a careful analysis of the current situation, both in Quebec and abroad, the organization of the Grand Prix Cyclistes de Québec et de Montréal (GPCQM) has come to the conclusion that it was impossible to meet all the health requirements and operational requirements in order to ensure a safe environment for all in this time of pandemic COVID-19”, can we read in a press release issued Thursday morning.

The organizers hoped that a relaxation of government measures at the end of the summer help in the presentation of these tour events and World Tour, but the uncertainty related to the evolution of the health crisis has caused them to take this decision.

“In recent months, we have worked tirelessly to organize our courses in compliance with the most strict sanitary conditions, attempt to respond to various scenarios and in constant liaison with the concerned authorities. Today, too many uncertainties remain (open borders, mandatory quarantine, permission for holding assemblies, etc.). It would not have been responsible or respectful towards all those who trust us since 2010 to push further this decision,” said president Serge Arsenault.

The Grands Prix cyclistes have announced that the 11th edition will be presented on 10 and 12 September 2021.

More details to come.

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