COVID-19: the language schools fear for their survival

COVID-19: les ├ęcoles de langues craignent pour leur survie

Language schools say they are being forgotten by the canadian government and fear for their survival at the time of the coming of students from abroad is at a standstill because of the restrictions on travel put in place to fight against the COVID-19.

“The cracks are huge! The language institutions are earning almost nothing measures up. In addition, the international education restarts in other countries, whereas the canadian rules we prevent” laments the executive director of Languages Canada, Gonzalo Peralta, by way of a press release on Monday.

Currently, enrollment in programs for international students are almost non-existent, ” he says.

Thus, according to a survey cited by Languages Canada, not less than 68 % of the “best English language programs and French as a second language” in the country could put the key under the door in the next six months if nothing is done.

To avoid this result, the agency is requesting to Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada to put in place three actions. First, provide visas conditional to international students so that they can register in confidence in these institutions. Then, designate the international students as “travelers key” so that they can come to Canada. Finally, it does not exclude international students because of their visa type.

“Without a commitment, support and action the major of the federal language teaching will be decimated, which will have an impact on higher education, as these students want an environment that is complete and inclusive,” says the director of the school of languages Trent International, Cath D’amico.

Languages Canada represents over 216 programs of language education in the country that would welcome more than 150 000 international students each year and employ more than 9,000 people.


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