COVID-19: The mask making is regaining popularity

COVID-19: La confection de masques regagne en popularité

SAGUENAY | Person could not have been a doubt before the pandemic which tissue stores become as popular.

The people must arm themselves with patience to obtain the necessary material for the manufacture of a mask. Even more since we know that it will be mandatory as of Saturday, in enclosed public places.

Sales of tissue and elastic bands have exploded over the last few hours.

The majority of people will make the choice to make their own mask for the sake of economy, but also because it is eco-friendly.

“It is as if the COVID began this morning,” says Mélina Tremblay, an employee of the store To selected tissues, located in the Saguenay in the Chicoutimi borough.

Clients have been many to launch out in the manufacture of covers-face in the beginning of the crisis. After a lull of a few weeks, the madness of the masks is back.

“We were ready. We have made large orders of fabrics, but also elastic,” says Ms. Tremblay.

A section of the trade has even been refitted to meet the numerous orders online.

“We already had our site online, highlights Mélina Tremblay. But one is never prepared to receive so many orders at once.”

In Croft Singer, also located in Chicoutimi, customers have to wait their turn before entering.

“My daughter has a sewing machine,” says a client. She sent me on a mission to go get materials to make our masks. It is less expensive.”

“I like to be “in”. Here, it is the time of masks, so I can do masks,” said another.

Shop on the Kingdom of the Coupon, located in the Arvida sector, we do not only the hardware to manufacture the masks, it fabricates and sells.

“As to the seamstresses who could not work, I told myself that I was going to have them make masks,” explains the owner Lucie Lamontagne, who has also gained new customers with the pandemic, people who had never touched a sewing machine prior to the crisis.

The mask-wearing is compulsory since the 1st of June in The Kingdom of the Coupon because social distancing is not possible.

Lucie Lamontagne admits it: customers have preferred to leave the store rather than wear it.

“Men, women, who were as insulted,” says the one that wishes to protect its employees and its customers.

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