COVID-19: the mask to protect the regions

COVID-19: le masque pour protéger les régions

THREE RIVERS | The port of the cover faces in public during the construction holidays could have a decisive impact on the health of the regions where the COVID-19 is in loss of speed, say of the elect.

The president of the treasury Board Sonia LeBel believes that the mask must become central to the development of a strategy to eventually face a second wave of COVID-19.

“Nobody wants to reconfiner Quebec. Our economy could not bear it, and I think that the mask should become a reflex for people, ” she mentioned, in the margin of a press conference held in Trois-Rivières on Thursday.

She draws a parallel between the construction holidays and the week of spring break last march, which preceded the outbreak of the pandemic in Quebec.

“This is not to say,” I don’t have a case with us.” That is to say, ” I do not want to contaminate the other. I don’t know if I am infected and I want to be able to flow through the Québec “, she continued.

Remember that the government is seriously thinking to impose the wearing of masks in public places interiors for all of Québec, in time for the holiday building.

The minister of Labour Jean Boulet will rely on the public Health, but does not cache not believe that it will be important to cover the face during this crucial period of two weeks.

“People are going to stay in Quebec, go to visit the tourist attractions of each of the regions. The mask is certainly an asset that must be considered to ensure the protection of the people and respecting the imperative of public health “, he stressed.

The mayor of Trois-Rivières Jean Lamarche

Economic health

Also present, mayor of Trois-Rivières Jean Lamarche has mentioned being satisfied that the government take the decision in hand and not become reliant cities. Recall that the mayor of Montreal’s Valérie Plante has preceded the public Health and announced on Monday that the mask would be mandatory in all public places from July 27.

The mayor of Trois-Rivières also believes that this means of protection may limit the number of new infections in the region this fall.

“I think it is the purpose of the thing. The challenge we have in this moment, is to combine physical health, mental health and economic health. It is always necessary to find the right balance. Of require wearing the mask for a certain time period, including [the holiday of the construction], it is a little help to keep a certain mental health and economic “, he mentioned.

This being said, it considers that it would be neither pleasant, nor simple, to impose the wearing of the mask for everyone in public places.


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