COVID-19: the number of cases of the XXB subvariant has doubled in the country

COVID-19: XXB subvariant cases doubled nationwide


The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 subvariant XXB.1.5 has doubled in the past week in Canada. 

According to this As the Public Health Agency of Canada reported to Global News, there were 42 officially listed cases of the new subvariant, itself derived from the Omicron variant, on Monday.

In comparison, PHAC totaled 21 confirmed cases by sequencing last week.

PHAC noted, however, that there was a delay in the transmission of data from some provinces during the holiday season, so the number number of confirmed cases is expected to increase.

The sub-variant is described by the World Health Organization as the most contagious detected to date.

To States States, XXB.1.5 is rapidly becoming the dominant strain of the virus. During the week of January 7, it totaled 27.7% of the cases analyzed, compared to 18.3% the previous week.

The subvariant is particularly present in the Northeastern states of the United States United States, where it represents more than 70% of new cases. It is also spreading rapidly in the south of the country with rates oscillating between 15 and 30%, but is quickly establishing itself in the center and west of the country.