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COVID-19: the number of hospitalizations continue to grow

COVID-19: Number of hospitalizations continue to grow< /p> UPDATE DAY

The number of beds occupied by patients infected with COVID-19 continues to grow in Quebec hospitals, shows the most recent report released on Tuesday. 

< p>According to government data, there are now 1,876 infected patients in hospitals, including 573 who are hospitalized due to the virus. This is an increase of 63 patients with COVID-19 in 24 hours.

ICU turnover remains stable with 51 infected patients, including 27 treated directly for COVID -19, down by just one bed.

In comparison, exactly two weeks ago there were 1,684 patients battling the virus in hospitals, including 33 in intensive care.< /p>

In addition, Quebec has added two deaths to its heavy toll, which now totals 17,327 Quebecers who have lost their fight against the virus.

The health network must also, in full respiratory virus crisis, do without the contribution of 2,738 workers placed on preventive withdrawal or in isolation due to COVID-19.

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