COVID-19: the opportunity to build pipelines, the judge, the minister of Energy in alberta

The minister of Energy of Alberta, Sonya Savage, believes that the COVID-19 provides the perfect excuse to build pipelines since the protesters cannot organize mass gatherings.

“It is the right time to build pipelines, because it can not there be events of more than 15 people,” said one can not seriously Mrs Savage during an interview granted to the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors, which was published on the website of the organization on 20 may.

“People in Canada have no tolerance vis-à-vis the protests,” said Sonya Savage, referring to the economic difficulties that affect his province and the country in this period of a pandemic.

“The people need jobs. People need economic activity, and this kind of events ideological will not be tolerated by the ordinary Canadian”, she added.

The Energy minister has also assured that, in his opinion, the relations between his government and that of Québec have improved. Recall that the prime minister François Legault had aroused the ire of his counterpart Jason Kenney in the winter of 2019 speaking of “dirty oil” to describe the oil sands in alberta, shortly after his arrival to power.

“I believe that our relationship with Quebec and British Columbia is improving,” said Ms. Savage, arguing that the opposition to the oil sands is, above all, the fact of the “left-wing radicals” that are present across the country.

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