COVID-19: the pandemic is spreading in Montérégie after parties teens

COVID-19: la pandémie se propage en Montérégie après des fêtes d'adolescents

MERCIER | holiday, bringing together dozens of teenagers held at the end of June in the Montérégie region today have important implications, the COVID-19 who took the opportunity to spread more beautiful, leading in particular to closures of businesses and the quarantine of a fire department.

Two festivals held at Sainte-Clotilde and Saint-Chrysostome set fire to the powders of this new outbreak, which began making news in the end of the week when it was revealed that the clients of the bar Mile Public House, at the DIX30 in Brossard, had frequented the establishment while they were carrying the virus.

The organizer of the festival in Saint-Chrysostome, a teenager, does not expect that a guest has reached the COVID-19 participates in the evening and spread the disease.

“It was a very bad decision. My goal is to protect my child. She is bullied because she wanted to be honest with the people”, entrusted his mother to TVA Nouvelles.

Snowball effect

This feast to the consequences of the exponential has already led to the closure of five shops in Mercier since the end of the week. If the IGA grocery store and the Mcdonald’s restaurant could reopen after it was sanitized, this is not the case of the restaurant, Gregory and bakery Fantasy of the wheat, waiting for the results of tests of their employees.

“We have an employee who went to the famous “party” that everyone is talking about. This case puts at risk the jobs of all the world”, is sorry the owner of the bakery, Frédéric Dugas, in an interview with TVA News.

“It is important to be aware that this party-there, where people went before going to work, has impacts for them, obviously because they are sick and have a loss of income, but they are wider than that because of the people around them also need to do a quarantine, and may also be sick, and employers are forced to close their doors to disinfect”, summarized the mayor of Mercier, Lise Michaud, in a speech published Tuesday on the page Facebook of the City.

Indeed, a day of screening the special will be offered at the centre communautaire René-Tougas by the public health Thursday, from 9: 30 to 16 h.

“It has a lot of impact on how safe people feel, with reason, and it is for this reason that we have asked public health to hold on to the territory of Mercier a day of screening”, stressed the mayor.

The fire department also

Mercier is not the only city to suffer from the recklessness of some young people. Other businesses of the MRC of Roussillon and Jardins-de-Napierville have also announced that they had to close temporarily due to an employee’s contaminated.

Even the firefighters have not escaped the pandemic. Sainte-Clotilde, 10 sappers were supposed to be placed in quarantine after a firefighter came down the COVID-19 in the case of a “own way” the 30 June. However, this fireman came in with his colleagues during a fire in Saint-Urbain-Premier on the same day, hence the quarantine, said the municipality in a press release.

These firefighters comprise two-thirds of the workforce of the village. Saint-Clotilde has had to call in reinforcement in the nearby town of Saint-Rémi, which firefighters will respond to emergency response time that their colleagues complete their quarantine.


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