COVID-19: the pandemic is still flaring in Africa

COVID-19: the pandemic still flares in Africa

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The COVID-19 pandemic continued to accelerate this week around the world, especially in southern Africa where the contagious Omicron variant appeared: here are the weekly highlights, taken from AFP databases .

This week, the trends may however be distorted by data catching up in several countries.

An important indicator, the number of cases diagnosed only reflects one fraction of the actual number of contaminations and comparisons between countries should be taken with caution, testing policies differing from one country to another.

With 632,900 contaminations recorded every day in the world, the indicator has increased for the ninth consecutive week (+ 2% compared to the previous week), according to an AFP report stopped on Thursday.

This week like the previous ones, new contaminations have mainly exploded in Africa (+ 57%).

Eswatini (+ 119% compared to the previous week, 1,100 new daily cases) is the country with the biggest acceleration of the week among those with at least 1,000 daily infections. This country, formerly called Swaziland, is located in southern Africa, a region struggling with the new Omicron variant.

Argentina (+ 66%, 3,700), South Africa (+ 54%) follow. , 23,200), Canada (+ 44%, 4,900) and Australia (+ 43%, 2,200).

Brazil is the country with the largest decline this week (-52% , 4000), ahead of Austria (-35%, 3600), Romania (-34%, 800) and Hungary (-27%, 5300) and Belgium (-27%, 11,700).

The United States remains by far the country with the highest number of new infections in absolute terms this week (122,100 daily cases, + 1%), ahead of the United Kingdom (62,400, + 32%) and France (50,700, + 7%).

As a proportion of the population, excluding micro-states, the country with the most new cases this week is Denmark (925 per 100,000 inhabitants) , ahead of the Czech Republic (750) and Switzerland (735).

The United States also has the highest number of daily deaths, 1,286 per day this week, ahead of Russia (1,146) and Poland (421).

Globally, 7,084 deaths have been recorded every day this week, a figure down 6%.

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