COVID-19: the pandemic worsens the malnutrition of the children

COVID-19: la pandémie aggrave la malnutrition des enfants

Nearly 7 million more children in the world could suffer from the effects of malnutrition because of the economic and social crisis caused by the pandemic COVID-19, according to an estimate by UNICEF published on Tuesday.

Before the pandemic COVID-19, 47 million children around the world were already suffering due 2019 of the consequences of malnutrition, weight loss, and extreme slimness, noted by UNICEF, the United Nations Fund for children.

“It’s been seven months since the first cases of COVID-19 have been reported and it is increasingly clear that the consequences of the pandemic do more harm to children than the disease itself”, commented in a press release on the UNICEF executive director, Henrietta Fore.

“Poverty and food insecurity have increased. Of essential services and supply chains of food have been interrupted. The price of food has skyrocketed. The result is that the quality of the diet of children has decreased and that rates of malnutrition will increase,” she continued.

UNICEF builds on an analysis published by the medical journal The Lancet, in which researchers alarmed of the consequences of malnutrition linked to the pandemic of COVID-19 on the children.

“The profound impact of the pandemic COVID-19 on the nutrition of young children may have intergenerational consequences”, they argue, fearing it would be detrimental to the growth and development of these children.”

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