COVID-19: the project of vaccine to Oxford would provide a double protection

COVID-19: le projet de vaccin d’Oxford offrirait une double protection

The current research of the University of Oxford to develop a vaccine against the COVID-19 indicate that it would offer double the level of protection sought by scientists, reported Thursday the british media.

Contacted by AFP, the university of Oxford has simply indicated that a portion of the results on the safety of the vaccine must be published in the medical journal the Lancet on Monday.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the first phase of human clinical trials showed that the vaccine generates an immune response against the virus, with antibodies and T-lymphocytes, “killer cells” against the infection.

“It is the combination of the two which we hope will protect people,” added the same source in the columns of the Daily Telegraph, ” this is an important time, but there is still a long way to go.”

These results qualified as “extremely promising” by a source high-placed anonymous quoted by the newspaper, do not however yet know what would be the duration of the protection offered by the vaccine.

This project, in collaboration with the laboratory AstraZeneca, is considered one of the most promising among the crowd of work-in-progress in the world.

The university of Oxford, whose project is also funded by the british government, has forged a partnership with the pharmaceutical laboratory for the manufacture and worldwide distribution of the vaccine in the course of development, so that it can be quickly and massively available in the event of success.

The vaccine developed by Oxford researchers is based on an adenovirus modified that usually affects the chimpanzees. It allows the university to “generate a strong immune response with a single dose, and it is not a self-replicating virus ” so that he ” may not cause continued infection in the individual vaccinated “.

The trials of the university of Oxford are currently over 4,000 volunteers in the United Kingdom, which must be joined by a further 10,000. They have also started in Brazil, where they will have over 5000 participants.

The researchers hope to be fixed on the efficacy of the vaccine in the fall.

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