COVID-19: the province of Quebec to the test as never before

COVID-19: le Québec teste comme jamais

The daily number of screening tests to the COVID-19 has reached a threshold without previous Thursday, when the 16 716 people screened are a peak since the beginning of the crisis.

It is the second day in a row during which the québec network passes more than 16 000 tests.

Wednesday, 16 383 people were bent to a review, which represented a balance sheet daily without precedent.

It only took 24 hours for this brand is rejected with the 16 716 samples run on Thursday.


Despite this number never seen tests in Quebec, the number of cases positive to the COVID-19 remains relatively stable.

The ministry of Health has announced that 171 persons were found positive for the virus Friday.

In the last week, the result of daily positive cases has fluctuated between 142 and 180 new cases per day. During this period, the number of patients hospitalized has generously dropped from 251 to 208. The intensive care are also less people fighting against the COVID-19, going from 18 to 12.

It is to be noted that the balance sheet for the number of screening tests is shifted to a day, compared to the findings of positive cases, hospital admissions and patients in the intensive care. Thus, the numbers reported Saturday, reported positive cases as of Friday and the tests completed on the day Thursday.


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