COVID-19: the Quebec and Ontario have not reported any deaths

COVID-19: le Québec et l’Ontario ne rapportent aucun décès

MONTREAL – The Quebec and Ontario, the two main foci of the crisis of the COVID-19 in the country, have continued to reap the infections, on Thursday, but the two provinces reported no deaths for once.

Quebec has reported 142 new cases, the same number as the day before, bringing its balance sheet to date to 58 080 infections. The total number of deaths remained at 5662.

Although the number of cases is increasing since a few days, after the public health of québec had asked the people who attended the bars to be tested, the figures are encouraging in terms of hospitalizations. There were 221 Thursday, down 14. Fourteen patients are in the intensive care, a decrease of two.

La Belle Province continues to test massively. Some 14 725 samples were taken on the 21st of July, for an overall total of 1 101 665.

On the Ontario side, it was reported Thursday 103 additional cases and no deaths, bringing the year-to-date at 38 210 infections and 2755 loss of life. Wednesday, the most populous province of Canada had accounted for 165 cases, or 62 in addition, it has tested more than 26,000 people on Wednesday.

Across the country, there are now 112 485 cases, including 245 new in date Thursday. The number of deaths continues to be important, to 8870.

According to the public health agency of Canada, more than 3.6 million Canadians have so far undergone a test to find out if they had contracted the COVID-19, of which an average of 44, 000 per day during the last week. Of all the people who have been reported sick since February, 87% is restored up to now.

New symptoms to consider

While the holidays of the construction is in full swing in Quebec and Canadians from one ocean to the other took advantage of the warm season, the authorities continue to multiply, the calls for caution, because the virus is always in the scenery and ready to spread.

“Given that it is absolutely essential that individuals who present with symptoms, even mild, stay home and isolate themselves, everyone should be aware of the type and range of symptoms to watch for and monitor their health closely,” said in a statement to the administrative head of the public health agency of Canada Dr. Theresa Tam.

She stated that a better understanding of the virus so that the symptoms listed at the beginning of the pandemic, such as coughing, fever, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, in addition to fatigue, loss of appetite, and loss of sense of smell or taste.

The situation in Canada

  • Québec: 58 080 case (5662 death)
  • Ontario: 38 210 cases (2755 death)
  • Alberta: 9861 cases (174 deaths)
  • British Columbia: 3362 cases (189 deaths)
  • Nova Scotia: 1067 cases (63 deaths)
  • Saskatchewan: 1030 cases (15 deaths)
  • Manitoba: 374 cases (7 deaths)
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: 264 cases (3 deaths)
  • New Brunswick: 170 cases (2 deaths)
  • Île-du-Prince-Édouard: 36 cases
  • Yukon: 13 case
  • The North-West territories: 5 cases
  • Nunavut: 0 cases
  • Canadian returnees: 13 case

Total: 112 485 cases (8870 death)

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