COVID-19 : the tenor Andrea Bocelli said to have been sick from the virus

COVID-19 : le ténor Andrea Bocelli dit avoir été malade du virus

ROME | The famous Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli said Tuesday that he had been contaminated in early march by the COVID-19 under a slight form, even if it evokes “a nightmare,” wrote the daily Corriere della sera.

“My experience with the coronavirus ? A tragedy, we all have been contaminated in the family, with fever, even if she was not strong, cough and sneezing “, he declared before the press to Pisa, Tuscany.

Mr. Bocelli and his wife had rendered to the hospital of Pisa in order to give their plasma for research on the COVID-19.

“We have overcome very well the disease, even if I’ve had to cancel unfortunately, many concerts and this has been a bad experience. It was like living a nightmare, because I had the sensation of not having control of things. I was hoping to wake up from one moment to the other, ” continued Mr. Bocelli.

Regarding the phase of déconfinement progressive in the country, which began on may 4, he ” thanked God for not having to make decisions “.

“Thank god I’m not a politician and I am not called upon to make decisions, I would not like to be in the place of the one who must make these decisions “, he said.

It has been estimated that there is “too much scaremongering” about the COVID-19 currently, and that this attitude was justified at the beginning of the crisis, but more now.

On 12 April, one month after the positive test of 10 march, Mr. Bocelli gave a concert in the Duomo of Milan, the great cathedral of the country’s economic capital.

This concert, organized for Easter, and during which the artist sang only in the cathedral, included only the arias of sacred music.

Andrea Bocelli is one of the Italian artists known all over the world.

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