COVID-19: the testing of two promising treatments at the Université Laval

COVID-19: des essais sur deux traitements prometteurs à l’Université Laval

A doctor from the Université Laval, will lead the trials at the international level on the two treatments against the COVID-19.

Dr Alexis Turgeon, intensivist, researcher at the CHU de Québec-Université Laval (CHU) and a professor at the Faculty of medicine of the Université Laval has received funding of almost $ 2.2 million dollars to carry out the tests.

The first will focus on the effectiveness of the plasma of convalescents.

For the second treatment, anticoagulants will be administered to critically ill patients.

“The two interventions that will be the subject of these clinical trials are very promising, inexpensive, and very accessible when they are compared to several treatments in the study. Thanks to the CIHR funding, we will not only be able to know if these two treatment options are effective in the treatment of critically ill patients admitted to the intensive care unit because of the COVID-19, but also ensure that we regulate their use in a judicious manner,” said Dr. Turgeon by way of a press release.

“I would like to congratulate Dr. Turgeon and her team for this important contribution to the international effort to find effective treatments against the COVID-19. The current crisis reminds us constantly of the importance of clinical research, but also, the leadership and innovation shown by the teams of the Centre de recherche du CHU,” said Martin Beaumont, CEO of the CHU de Québec-Université Laval.

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