COVID-19: the United States will not dismiss their economy in case of a second wave

COVID-19: les États-Unis ne fermeront pas leur économie en cas de deuxième vague

The United States will not turn a blind again their economy in case of a second wave of COVID-19, said Thursday the u.s. secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin, while several southern States of the country are seeing the number of cases increase.

“We can not turn the economy up again. I think we have learned that if you stop the economy, you create more damage, ” he said, interviewed on the channel CNBC while the us economy is in recession, a direct result of the containment measures.

Steven Mnuchin has not only referred to the ” economic damage “, but also the difficulties on the medical plan, ” and all the rest “.

It has, however, defended a posteriori containment measures during the first wave: “I think it was very, very careful what the president has done, but I think we have learned a lot “.

The United States, which registered almost 113 000 deaths, are facing an increase in the number of cases identified in several States.

In Texas and North Carolina, there are currently more than sick of the COVID-19 hospitalized only a month ago.

The 50 States of the country are handling on their territory about the relaxation of containment measures.

Some, such as Texas or Georgia, had begun to déconfiner as early as April, as he claimed the chair, Donald Trump, creating a lively debate with the supporters of prudence, who feared the impact even more severe second wave.

“The good news is that you have a great ability tests and a large-capacity hospital,” responded the secretary of the Treasury.

“That was the big problem and the reason why the president had to shut down some parts of the economy,” he justified.

Moreover, he believed that the reopening of businesses is accompanied by an increase in cases, ” the technology (for contact follow-up) improves a lot, so I think we will deal with it appropriately “.

The United States, like many other countries in the world, had confined their population in the face of the pandemic, to prevent the saturation of the hospitals. But this has led to a global recession.

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