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COVID-19: Three dubious experts defend a criticized teacher

COVID-19: Three questionable experts defend a criticized professor


A university professor criticized for his remarks on vaccination paraded three equally controversial experts during his hearing at the Disciplinary Council of the Order of Chemists on Friday.  

Christian Linard, biochemist and full professor at the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières (UQTR), is the subject of a complaint filed with the Disciplinary Council of the Order of Chemists. 

The syndic accuses him of having performed an “act derogatory to the honor and dignity of the profession. »

Last July, Le Journal published an article on university professors suspected of fueling disinformation, including Mr. Linard. 

For example, he had relayed the link of a study associating vaccination and autism, a link repeatedly denied by the scientific community.


This one ci has not been a member of the Ordre des chimistes du Québec since January 2022, which does not prevent him from continuing to teach, he explained. The syndic was already investigating Mr. Linard's remarks before his resignation from the order.

Friday's session was intended to present a “request for dismissal” and not to examine the merits of the case. His lawyers called two professors and a doctor to testify in order to demonstrate “widespread censorship” in Quebec. 

Professors Patrick Provost and Nicolas Derome notably testified on the suspension without eight-week salary they received this summer from Laval University after expressing their reluctance in connection with vaccination.

“Madness virus”

As early as 2019, the syndic took an interest in the content shared by Christian Linard on the Facebook page he had created to interact with his students, as well as certain emails. 

In an email entitled “Le Chinese virus of madness” sent to his students in June 2020, he lists a series of statements alleging the ineffectiveness of a panoply of sanitary measures. 

Mr. Linard had been in the syndic's sights since 2014. He was then director of a laboratory which analyzed tests aimed at detecting food allergies and intolerances which were the subject of medical warnings. 

He claimed to have sent hundreds of reports and documents from his laboratory to the syndic without this leading to a complaint to the Disciplinary Council. 

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