COVID-19 : Trump persists on the downside of screening, its the “experts” contradict each other

COVID-19 : Trump persiste sur la baisse du dépistage, ses experts le contredisent

Dr. Anthony Fauci and other experts in health administration, Trump said Tuesday that the u.s. president had ever asked to slow down the pace of screening of the Covid-19, unlike the controversial comments of republican.

“He has never been asked any of us to slow down the screening, it is a fact. Moreover, we will increase screening, ” said the immunologist-in-chief of the White House, during a hearing in the us Congress.

“It is therefore the inverse, we’re going to do more screening, not less “, has hammered Anthony Fauci.

At his side, three other senior officials in health administration Trump also responded ” no ” without hesitation when a member of parliament asked if the president had asked them to slow down the screening of the new coronavirus: Robert Redfield, director of the Centres for prevention and disease control (CDC), the deputy minister of Health Brett Giroir and Stephen Hahn, the boss of the agency of drugs (FDA).

The u.s. president has provoked a deep controversy in declaring the Saturday evening have recommended its health officials to slow the pace of screening, because by doing more tests, ” we find more cases “.

Donald Trump has made his statements during a meeting of campaign controversy since it was organized in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in front of thousands of people then that this southern State is among those experiencing a flare-up of COVID-19.

The White House then said he was joking, but the billionaire republican reiterated Tuesday morning: “I’m not kidding “.

“With more testing, we find more cases,” he stressed.

“We have done a great job on the Coronavirus “, he tweeted just prior to the hearing of its experts, by annoying of the negative media coverage of his management of the pandemic. “We saved millions of american lives “.

The United States have the worst record in the world in absolute value, with more than 120 000 people dead and more than 2.3 million cases detected.

Various us States have for many lifted the containment measures, and New York (by far the city most affected) has made another step in that direction Monday with the reopening to the public shops are not essential. But several States in the South and the West of the country are experiencing a surge in the number of positive cases.

“The next two weeks will be critical” to respond to these outbreaks, said Anthony Fauci.

Contrary to what that implies Donald Trump about the related increase in the number of tests, her immunologist has pointed out that these increases came from several factors, of which “contagion” between people.

“And this is something that worries me “, he confided.

Challenges ” historical “

Experts have pointed out, in a restrained joint statement, that the challenges posed by the pandemic were “many” and ” historic “. “Every American is affected by this pandemic “.

“Although the duration of the pandemic remains uncertain, the activity of the Covid-19 will probably continue for some time,” they warned.

If the coronavirus and seasonal influenza prevalent at the same time next winter, ” this could pose a huge burden on the health system “.

At 10 June, the United States had engaged in “almost 22 million tests,” they said. They are currently at a rate of ” 400 000 to 500 000 tests per day, and this number will continue to increase “.

Brett Giroir has told mps estimate that the country would be able to ” drive 40 to 50 million tests per month in the fall “.

Questioned again on the words of Donald Trump, Mr. Giroir has stressed the importance of increasing the volume of screening because ” it is the only way for us to understand the disease, which is infected, can pass and carry the tracing-appropriate “.

“We are cautiously optimistic” on the progress of the research to find a vaccine, said Anthony Fauci, repeating that he hoped that the Americans have access to ” at the end of the year or the beginning of 2021.

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