COVID-19: Trump requires immunity to his supporters

COVID-19: Trump exige l’immunité à ses partisans

Under the pressure of the street, Trump has decided to postpone his first election rally for the past 3 months, June 20, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, so that it does not coincide with the celebration of Juneteenth , commemorating the abolition of slavery. The black leaders were regarded as a provocation, while events at the national level are held, for weeks, against police brutality towards African-Americans. Trump boasted to be, for Blacks, the best president since Abraham Lincoln. Nothing in his test!

But it is still an affront to Black to have chosen this city. This month marks the 99th anniversary of the massacre of Tulsa, is considered one of the worst outbursts of racial violence in the history of the United States. Nearly 300 African Americans were killed by mobs of white that were destroyed and burned homes, businesses, churches, schools, hospitals and libraries in the district of Greenwood Tulsa, at the time the richest black community in the United States.

Trump said, at the end of April, he was looking forward to getting back to the “gathering massive” without social distancing or other measures “bulky” as the masks. But we don’t take risks. Those who want to attend its meeting will be required to sign a waiver of liability exempts the campaign Trump and the organizers of “all the risks related to exposure to the COVID-19”.

It reveals the perfidy of Trump and his contempt for the intelligence of his supporters.

Oklahoma, a State strongly republican, was one of the first to begin to ease restrictions on health: there are no limits on the size of public rallies and no covers-face is not required.

“I think that it is foolish to hold a political rally during a pandemic,” said Dr. Jonathan Reiner of the George Washington University, adding: “It is also just as crazy to attend such an event, especially when the candidate forces you to sign a document releasing from any liability if you get the COVID-19.” Anthony Scaramucci, a former director of communications of the Trump, described as”selfish” and “irresponsible” waiver of liability required. This is yet another indication that Trump is willing to do anything to get elected. Even to put the lives of his idiotic supporters in danger.

The republicans in general and the supporters of Trump, in particular, might not care to protect themselves against the sars coronavirus. Trump told them that this was not really necessary. Sign of the stupidity of the supporters of Trump: their lack of trust in medical researchers. Only 31% of republicans have confidence in their work.

The false perception of republican their invulnerability to the coronavirus could be due to the fact that the first victims of the COVID-19 were disproportionately african-american, people who massively support the democrats.

At the end of may, only 21% of the deaths attributed to the COVID-19 were recorded in the regions that have voted for Trump in 2016. Cases of coronavirus are increasing now rapidly in the rural and suburban areas that strongly support Trump in Arizona, Florida, South Carolina, Arkansas and Texas.

Now we will see how far will the stupidity of social and personal supporters of Trump. Will they realize the danger, now that the infections soar in the regions who support Trump? Republican States are among the most backward in the country. They also have the populations most vulnerable of States-States with their health infrastructure is inadequate and public investments in health are low. And this is without counting the loss of jobs is led millions of people to be denied health insurance.

The increasing cases of the virus in these States will it change attitudes in the republican done in the coronavirus? I fear that their stupidity on social and their unconditional support for Trump lead to disaster. We’ll see the result in the next few months.

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