COVID-19: when will the beauty salons close?

Almost everything is closed in Quebec. It all started with the cancellation of major events, then theaters, then municipal facilities, bars and cinemas. A lack of precision remains for hairdressing salons and other beauty care services. However, the one meter distance is far from being respected.
A when the government did not require closure, some salons were still chose to shut as a precaution, others take the risk to remain open. The hairdressers continue to work out of pure anxiety. Can they be compensated?

Le Soleil has gathered several testimonies from hairdressers worried about their fate. They hope to be prohibited from working soon, and be certain that they will be able to receive financial assistance. They risk their health for fear of running out of money to pay the bills.

However, the open lounges have taken stricter security measures and reserve the choice to refuse certain customers if they consider that their health is not optimal.

A petition has been launched by some hairdressers on the Internet, asking the government to demand the closure of beauty salons. Since Sunday evening, more than 6,500 signatures have been obtained.

“We are close to our customers, we cannot respect the distance of one meter recommended by our government. […] Travelers do not all do their duty as citizens, days we risk being contaminated and contaminating so we ask for your support to help us avoid the spread of COVID-19 and we ask for compensation for the losses of wages incurred ”, can be read in the description of the petition.

The problem is above all all customers who do not respect the isolation regulations and who present themselves in the salons as if nothing had happened.

“Last week, I had six clients returning from vacation on my chair who do not respect their quarantine,” says the hairdresser who launched the petition, she preferred not to say her name.

This hairdresser works in a shopping center in Granby, which remains open with reduced opening hours. This salon must comply with government decisions, the hairdressers cannot decide to close the doors otherwise they will have fines from the shopping center linked to the lease conditions.

“We take a lot of precautions, but we are especially concerned about the sincerity of our customers,” she adds.

Government must clarify

Josée Rancourt is self-employed, she rents a chair in a living room in Quebec.

She decided to stop working on Friday after styling a client who was returning from Cuba.

“She spent the night at the airport and arrived directly at the hairdressing center. I knew it during the treatment. Isolation is not respected. It should not be voluntary, but ordered. The hairdressers will spread the disease and it will degenerate, “she denounces.

All his team and the owners of Josée’s salon welcomed her decision. They respected her and others chose to stay at home.

“In chair rental, we have employment insurance, but I don’t know how I’m going to be compensated. Many hairstylists don’t stop working because they don’t know what’s going to happen, and I understand. They panic and this is where it is dangerous. ”

On Monday, all Sephora stores (Canada and the United States) decided to close. All branches of the Salon Darbourg in Quebec have also chosen to close for two weeks, a decision made by the owner after reflection. Josée Rancourt hopes that other salons will follow suit.

“It has to move. It would have removed stress if the government had clarified the situation for the field of beauty, they did not name us. Yet we touch everything, hairdressers beauticians, nail poses … We also need to stop. We could be reassured and that would remove the doubt if he clarified the situation, ”she ends.

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