COVID-19: Women most affected by the pandemic

COVID-19: Women most affected by the pandemic

Work-family balance, financial situation, mental health, violence … the quality of life of women has been particularly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new report.

The health emergency would have particularly deepened the existing inequalities between men and women, said a report released Friday by the Association for Public Health of Quebec (ASPQ) and the Quebec Observatory of Inequalities (OQI).

A finding that could be explained by considerable changes in several aspects of their daily lives, according to the two organizations.

Thus, of the 1,500 women questioned in this study, nearly 65% ​​said that their stress level is higher than before the pandemic.

On the financial front, 57% of the women surveyed admitted to having experienced a drop in their income during the health crisis.

And when it comes to their workload, 59% of women found it exhausting looking after children while telecommuting.

Facts that are quite worrying for the ASPQ and the OQI.

“The survey reveals that more women than men have lost their jobs, either temporarily or permanently during the health crisis. They experience great social insecurity which makes them fear that they will not be able to meet their financial obligations, which has major repercussions on their physical and mental health ”, explained in a press release Marianne Dessureault, spokesperson for the ASPQ.

The ASPQ and the OQI then recommended that the Quebec government implement various measures to facilitate the daily lives of women, more particularly with regard to family-work-study balance.

In particular, they encourage better access to educational childcare services that meet the needs of parents of toddlers, as well as the authorization and funding of additional drop-in and respite services to look after children with special needs.

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