COVID-19: Women take on more parenting tasks

COVID-19: Women take on more parenting tasks

Women perform most of the parenting duties in their households during the pandemic, including home schooling, according to a Statistics Canada study.

The study on the impact of COVID-19 on parents released on Monday reveals that the sharing of parenting duties depends more on the couple’s employment situation and place of work.

Thus, men working from home reported a more equal distribution of parenting tasks, unlike women who, in the case of teleworking, admit to having the majority of parental responsibilities.

The equal sharing of parenting tasks concerns unemployed men in a proportion of 56%, while working men are 48% to state that parenting tasks were shared equally.

When men work from home, the equal sharing of parenting tasks is encouraged, although women were still more likely to report doing most parenting tasks.

Men working at home were more likely (53%) than those who are forced to work outside (46%) to recognize this equal division of tasks.

Among unemployed women, only 27% felt that tasks were shared equally, compared to 46% of working women.

Home schooling caused by school closures due to COVID-19 is mostly the responsibility of women, the federal agency’s study notes.

About 64% of women say they are responsible for home teaching or helping children with homework, compared to 19% of men. These funds are in a proportion of 46% to admit that home education was the responsibility of their partner.

This gendered distribution of parenting duties can put parents, mothers first, at increased risk of daily stress, the study finds.

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