COVID-19: zero new cases in Beijing, for the first time since June

COVID-19: zéro nouveau cas à Pékin, une première depuis juin

Beijing announced on Tuesday that zero again sick of the COVID-19 on the last 24 hours in the chinese capital for the first time since a rebound of the epidemic last month, which triggered fears of a second wave.

A total of 335 persons have contracted the disease since the discovery of an outbreak of contamination at the beginning of June in a wholesale market in the south of the city.

The municipal commission of health said on Tuesday only to have identified a new asymptomatic carrier of the coronavirus.

The authorities are still trying to determine the cause of the rebound of the epidemic. A leader of the market in question, that of Xinfadi, had indicated that the virus had been detected on boards used to cut up the salmon imported.

The announcement had sparked a campaign of control of the chain food supply of the capital and cast a time the suspicion on the fish and seafood products.

Since 11 June, the town council has made the detection of over 11 million people, or about half the population of Beijing, said Monday city officials at a press conference.

Hundreds of thousands of average people flocked in every day, in stadiums or parks to get tested.

To prevent the spread of the virus, the authorities have confined dozens of residential areas.

These restrictions are gradually lifted. And the Pekingese who live in areas with “low risk” can now come out of the municipal boundaries freely.

But the authorities have warned against any relaxation.

“Zero new cases does not mean zero risk”, stressed on Tuesday in front of the press Pang Xinghuo, vice-director of the municipal Centre of disease control.

The authorities “did not exclude the possibility of new cases transmitted locally during the next week,” said Ms. Pang. She pointed out that 31 asymptomatic individuals remained in quarantine.

China, where the novel coronavirus has been identified in late 2019, has largely contained the epidemic and have not had to have been dead for a month and a half.

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