COVID: Quebec grand champion of the fines related to the pandemic

COVID: le Québec grand champion des amendes liées à la pandémie

In Canada, Quebec is far and away the champion of fines discounts for non-compliance with the spacing and social, indicates a study published Wednesday by the canadian civil liberties Association (CCLA).

According to calculations of the organization, more than 10,000 statements of offence, totalling $ 13 million dollars in fines have been awarded to coast to coast, from 1 April to 15 June.

The citizens of the different provinces are, however, a very uneven regarding the application of regulations related to the COVID-19.

Alone, Quebecers have received some 6,600 violations a total of 77% of the total sum collected in fines by the forces of law and order. Quebec’s share is particularly important because of the amount of the fines, which can reach about 1500$, including fees, against 880$ in Ontario.

The province’s most populous country is also the second rank, with 2853 observations totalling 18% of the total sum collected, followed by Nova Scotia (555 findings, 3% of the sum). These three provinces combine, alone, 98% of the amount raised in the country thanks to the findings of violation.

The organization, criticism of some of the containment measures put in place to limit the spread of the pandemic, the judge severely, in his study, the work of the authorities, denouncing the regulations “vague and confused”.

The ACLC also considers that, of testimonials of citizens to support them, that the police behaved abusively in the form of statements of offence that had not taken place.

In the case of Quebec, the CCLA is particularly concerned about learning, community-based organizations, that homeless people would have received multiple statements of offence.

“Several people have contacted the CCLA, and who describe themselves as racialized, have felt they have been targeted by the police because of their race”, has also denounced the organization.

The CCLA has called on the provincial government to “resist the temptation” to enforce the rules by giving “carte blanche” to the police. “Going to the police to get out of this pandemic, lack of imagination, is inefficient and is sometimes unconstitutional,” argued the agency.


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