COVID re-establishes itself for the summer in Quebec

COVID resets for summer in Quebec


Public Health fears for the health network due to the resurgence in Quebec of COVID-19 and its new variants, so much so that it recommends that the most vulnerable people wear a mask in public places…even outdoor festivals.

New variants are spreading in Quebec, confirms the director of public health, Luc Boileau. 

“ The risk is usually reduced in summer. But there, it is higher than at the beginning of June and it is not expected to go down,” he mentions.

“It concerns us because of the precarious situation we are experiencing in hospitals during the summer season […] The network is always ready to respond to what happens to it, but it is certainly not happy.  ;”

The Director of Public Health, Dr. Luc Boileau, provided an update on Wednesday on COVID-19 in Quebec. He recommends that vulnerable people and seniors put the mask back on in public places.

We are also seeing an increase in hospitalizations, while six emergency rooms in Quebec are partially closed for the next few weeks.

Hospitalizations due to COVID could exceed 1,600 in the coming weeks.  

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Put the mask back on

With this portrait, Dr. Boileau advises vulnerable people to start protecting themselves against the disease again.

People who are immunosuppressed, those with a chronic illness or those over the age of 60&nbsp ;-year-olds are covered by this recommendation.

“We invite people to be careful and if they wish, resume wearing a mask”, he says.

“Especially if you have to show up at events. It is advisable to meet people outside, keeping your distance. » 

He himself would wear the mask at a festival, he says.

He affirms that there will however be no new mandatory health measures for the entire population.

“With these variants, very unlikely. This is not the avenue envisaged”, he assures.

“If everyone wore the mask, we would reduce that, that’s for sure. But this is not something realistic during the summer here in Quebec. »  

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Towards a 7e  vague

The new subvariants of Omicron, BA.4 and BA.5, represent between 80 % and 85 % of new infections in Quebec.  ;

It's not yet a 7th wave like in Europe, but “all the elements” are there, believes Dr. Boileau. The virulence of the variants is not greater, but they are much more contagious. They escape immunity more easily, explained Dr Boileau. 

The vaccine is still effective against the severe form of the disease, however, says Public Health.

< p>Thus, the second booster dose is always recommended for vulnerable people, three months after an infection or the previous dose.

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Federal Measures

The Trudeau government decided on Wednesday to extend its restrictions on travelers at the border until at least September 30.

Travelers who are not adequately vaccinated will have to continue to undergo a mandatory screening test at their arrival on Canadian soil. 

The COVID toll of the day

  • 4 deaths additional  
  • 34 new hospitalizations  
  • Total hospitalizations: 1260
  • 35 people in intensive care 
  • The amount of SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater is on the increase in Quebec

Sources: INESS and Ministry of Health

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