COVID revolution: All viruses now under close surveillance

COVID revolution: All viruses now under close surveillance

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“I don't think anyone thinks that infectious diseases are important anymore,” says Dr. r < strong> Karl Weiss.

If a new pandemic were to strike in 10 or 15 years, laboratories as well as public health authorities will be better prepared to react to it, believe several experts. & nbsp ;

“Before, there were people who had to fight to remember the importance of infection prevention,” says Dr. Caroline Quach. & nbsp;

In addition, we can expect a return to the “heyday” of public health, an area that has been gradually defined in Quebec in recent years, recalls Benoît Mâsse of the School of Public Health of the University of Montreal. & nbsp; & nbsp;

The Covid turns our lives upside down, but not only negatively. In this dossier, Le Journal highlights the legacy that this virus will leave in our lives.

Major dossier A revolution in all fields Consumption
and culture Everything happens online, back to reading and promotion of local purchasing Health Major medical discoveries and new behaviors In the office Reinvented hours and places, work put back in its rightful place Education New pedagogies and sharing of knowledge In the city Green districts and hybrid housing

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