COVID revolution: geek teachers are doing better

COVID revolution: geek teachers do better

MISE & Agrave; DAY

“Giant steps”, “time jump”, “high speed”. The actors are unanimous: the pandemic will have forced the education community to accelerate its digital transformation.

With the confinement, the teachers who were “less skilled” with the technology had no other choice but to get started, notes Nicolas Prévost, president of the Quebec Federation of Educational Institution Managers. & Nbsp ;

Meanwhile, teachers have discovered the advantages of certain tech tools, to the point of continuing to use them once back in class. & nbsp; & nbsp;

“We will not put toothpaste back in the tube ”, image Nancy Brousseau, Executive Director of the Federation of Private Educational Institutions. & nbsp; & nbsp;

For example, some software makes it possible to follow the progress of all the students and therefore to help those who are dragging their feet in the exercise. & Nbsp;

Ironically, the pandemic has also forced the leaders of the network to realize how outdated the electrical system in some establishments was. & nbsp; & nbsp;

“You know, when you plug in a number of things and you close your eyes [hoping that do not jump] … “, illustrates Josée Scalabrini, president of the Federation of Teaching Unions. & nbsp;

The Covid turns our lives upside down, but not only negatively . In this dossier, Le Journal highlights the legacy that this virus will leave in our lives.

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